Larriane Wills a.k.a. Larion Wills

Author of contemporary and historical romance, sci-fi, and fantasy.

John knew it was illegal. Why else would a stranger provide an astronomical price to have his face rebuilt to look like Curtis Wellborn III? A fat fee awaited John as soon as he convinced the wife to sign divorce papers. The family wanted to ensure the white trash tramp would have no claim on the estate when Curtís father died. Not as simple as it sounded when facing the sharp witted Cindra, not a tramp, but a strong willed woman who saved herself from a desperate situation when Curt deserted her five years before. With his own agenda, the new Curt stalled his boss, telling him Cindra refused to sign while she was only too willing even though she questioned Curtís identity. John needed time to convince Curtís father his long lost son had returned and convince Cindra he wasnít an imposture, but a changed man. When a firebomb exploded in Cindraís car, he knew that as well as being illegal, the deal was deadly. How far would someone go to remove anyone in the way of what they wanted and had Curt simply walked away from his inheritance and beautiful wife?