Larriane Wills a.k.a. Larion Wills

Author of contemporary and historical romance, sci-fi, and fantasy.

Back, even better than before. Mark of the Sire, first in the Sire Series.

They thought it would be easy. One was a dude from the East, softened by easy living. The

other was no more than white trash. They discovered Lon didn’t kill any easier than Chancy, and

they both fought back, aided by two men those of the valley believed to be no more than legends.

The Indians called them Lance and Knife. As well as the sons discovering why, so do their

enemies when a family once torn apart unite to make war.

Exerpt: He looked to be a man coming in from the cold in search of a warm place to sleep. Saddle

bags and blanket roll were over his left shoulder, and a rifle was in his left hand. Both hands

were covered with gloves against the bitter cold outside. To hesitate before entering a strange

room was normal. The next wasn’t. His glance fell on Catherine, and her expression of hatred

held his attention.

Lars jumped to his feet, turning over his chair, and yelled. The room exploded. The roar of

multiple gunshots was deafening, and the man was flung back out the door by force of the slugs

tearing into his body.

“I got him,” Tim yelled joyously, too enthralled to yet realize he was not the only one who

had fired.

“One of us did,” Quirt said dryly.

“That was murder!” Lars shouted in rage. He lunged forward and drew up short when Quirt

turned his gun on him.

“He went for his gun,” Quirt said in quiet malice. “We all saw his hand drop. You back off

and take care of the lady.”

Lars shook with rage and fear. “He never moved,” he retorted, wanting to beat Quirt to death

but knew if he tried, he would be killed. Catherine pulled him back, and, though he hated himself

for his fear in facing the four men, he went with her gentle pressure.

“Who was it?” she whispered.

“Clyde Fetchen,” Tim shouted. “And I got him.”

“You don’t know if it was Clyde. You never took the time to find out,” Lars raged


Quirt looked at Styles, and Styles shrugged. “I didn’t get a good look at him,” he said


“You killed a man without even knowing who he was?” Catherine asked in shock.

“Reckon we’ll find out.”

Next in the series, Curse of the Sire



When I read the back of the book blurb for Mark of the Sire by Larion Wills, I thought I'd be dealing with a period romance that might not be my cup of tea. I was especially thrown by the title, which seemed to place the book more in English realms than in Colorado.

But after reading a contemporary adventure / romance by the same author, I knew that there would be a good story in between the relationship issues. And, you know, I really liked Mark of the Sire! Maybe I'm just not accustomed to the wide scope of the romance genre, but I found this novel to be more of a psychological western than just a romance (a girl gets guy story). It had the feel of old Bonanza or High Chaparral TV episodes that dealt with more behind the bad guy than an evil look, a black hat, and a fast gun.

Mark of the Sire tells the story of the ill-fated Van Anders and Fletcher families and their attempts to settle the Colorado Rockies. Enter spunky Catherine Lincoln, the daughter of a New York physician, who has fled to her uncle's ranch and his strict and limited vision of what a woman's place was. Cathy soon finds herself in the midst of gun battles and revenge as she tries to come to the aid of two very handsome young men. Her attempts at patching them up medically leads to gossip and danger.

Mark of the Sire is a fast-paced Wild West adventure with touches of humor and pathos. Larion Wills weaves a complex story of family loyalty and forgotten love. Highly recommended.

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