Larriane Wills a.k.a. Larion Wills

Author of contemporary and historical romance, sci-fi, and fantasy.

Despite the threat of prison or death, Chase had to know, did he have a child or had Tiffany lied again.

Eighteen and in deep trouble, Chase is given a choice, keep his mouth shut about the beating they gave him and leave town or go to prison for rape. Twelve years later he can’t leave the doubt alone. Was Tiffany pregnant? Discovering Tiffany didn’t lie, at least that time, he returned. Suffering the lengths they went to be rid of him, he knows what they’d do if they saw him. Only wanting to see the boy, from a distance, not cause trouble, he never expecting to be allowed anywhere near the child. He gets a startling invitation to stay with disturbing results. Tiffany disappeared years before, both her parents are dead, all three under suspicious circumstances. The lone family survivor, Tiffany’s younger sister, inherited the family fortune and his son. Grateful to Sydney for the care she gives Ryan, fascinated by her, he can’t help seeing something is not right even before he’s told were there enough evidence, she’d be on trial for murder.

Excerpt: For a man who survived on his reflexes and quick thinking, Chase couldn't respond with more than a stunned stare. Sydney didn't wait for an answer. She plopped down, signaling the boy to do so as well, and began separating the food off the tray.

"He wanted to meet you," she said of the boy perched on the edge of his chair. "Fact of the matter is he's incredibly snoopy."

"Got to check you out," the boy said around a mouthful of French fries.

"Don't talk with your mouth full."

With a dramatic roll of his eyes that tugged at Chase with familiarity, number ten popped another handful of fries into his mouth to chew while he unwrapped his hamburger. He swallowed hugely, showing he did listen to her, and with a grin asked, "Did you see the touchdown I made?"

His grin was infectious. Chase couldn't help smiling back. "Fantastic. The way you dodged that tackle was great."

"Chase," Sydney informed the child, "was the best running back Gibson High ever had."

"Yeah?" the boy questioned with a giggle, looking like a gremlin. "But was he any good?" He giggled again when Sydney kicked him playfully under the table. "Me and Mom are moving before I start high school so I'll have some real competition."

"To where?" Chase asked with a side-glance at Sydney, wondering how she would take the boy moving as close as she obviously was to him.

"We haven't decided where, just somewhere away from here." He slurped down a quick sip on his straw. "Mom says there's too many hypocrites and busybodies here, that they won't let good people do things on merit, only money and social position."

"Sounds like she's gained some wisdom," he murmured, surprised anything that profound came from Tiffany.

"She says-"

"Enough-eat," Sydney told him.

The eyes so similar to his own rolled again, and Chase placed the gesture. Sydney used to do that when she was exasperated, usually at Tiffany. The last time he'd seen Sydney, she'd only been five years older than her nephew was now. He wondered what she'd been doing with herself the last eleven years as he picked up the cup of coffee and choked at the imp's next words.

"So, are you my dad?"

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Reader review

I just finished "Chase" and thoroughly enjoyed it! I read it all in one sitting and I must say, I was impressed once again with the quality of your writing. Wow
Larry Ray