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Under construction

 I could tell you i never get in a hurry and never get distracted, but i try not to lie. lol. you cannot send me an email if you don't have my addy. larriane  just take out that space before @. 

 I have all the pages and all the links. Next up is labeling them in the list below so no one is surprised or caught off guard by the heat level. Sweet to steamy, but no erotic. Please surf and let me know if anything doesn't work right or if you spot mistakes. there is one glaring mistake that I will have to correct in the future, but let's make a game of it. the first to spot it and send me an email, will get a free ecopy of their choice and a envelpe of swag. 

I am making progress. Many of the reviews I had were lost in the transfer and then my error in construction. As this project is taking way more time than i anticipated, those who would like to read and give a review, message me ([email protected]) for a ebook copy. You can see all the books I have currently published at Amazon including my latest, Deadly Precious.

Up date I have suceeded in making links. horay for me! i've also been on chat and learned of few other things so i won't be changing here until--i say that hopefully--i have all the pages the way i want them. 

ps any links that aren't in blue aren't there. hehehe. well they are now, but i'm still rebuilding everything else. 

It is taking me what seems like forever, but only because this is a new provider who, of course, is doing everything different than what I was used to. Because of that, four days of work all of these pages were lost. I can't blame them--well not fairly--because I'm sure it was something I did wrong, but one little click and it was alllllll gone. Those who know me know I may have said a few curse words. I did certainly complain gave it some time, now I'm at it again. This time it should go faster with what i've learned, but so far, i still have figured out how to get you any further than this page. I shall persevere.  


Deadly Precious

Die, Sweet Di

It's Still Tomorrow

Evil Reflections

Mourning Meadow

The Wait for Red Roses

Historical Western

Mark of the Sire

Curse of the Sire

Twisted Wind

A Gallows Waited

Little Sam's Angel


Wake the Savage

Science Fiction

Looking Glass Portal

Bastards of Ran

Bonds of Time


Cross of Death

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